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The Alliance

 We are located in Santana de Parnaíba/SP, we develop our products in compliance with safety standards and we researchnew technologiesin a constant search for improvements in the manufacture of comfortable, safe and reasonably priced respirators. We use the most modern machines available in the world market, they guaranteeless power consumption, less waste generation, greater productivity.

Alliance disposable respirators have three layers of blankets, with very high technology (the most modern available worldwide), increasing safety, guaranteeing the filtration of particles and facilitating breathing.

A mask with four or five layers does not improve efficiency, quite the contrary, it is an obsolete and uncomfortable product, currently there are more modern and more efficient inputs, that is, products with more layers make it difficult to breathe.

Our Gamma line is entirely produced and packaged without manual contact, reducing the risk of contamination.

Find out a little more about us atvideo below:


R. Fortaleza, 107 - Jardim Represa (Fazendinha)
CEP: 06529-240 - Santana de Parnaíba - SP

(11) 4156-3256  |  (11) 4156-3375  |  (11 ) 4156-3228

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