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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

• What does the abbreviation PFF mean?
A: It means filtering facepiece, as the respirator itself is a filtering medium.

• What is the difference between PFF1, PFF2 and PFF3 respirators?
A: The function of each filter, that is, to retain particulate materials, such as mist, dust and fumes present in the environment. For the choice of filter, it will depend on the concentration of the contaminant.

• See the difference and how PFF1, PFF2 and PFF3 are classified:
PFF1 / P1: Dust and/or Mist (mechanically generated aerosols). Use if the concentration is less than 10 times the tolerance limit. Minimum efficiency of 80% and maximum penetration of 20%.
PFF2 / P2: Fumes (thermally generated aerosols) and/or of unknown toxicity. You can use it as long as the concentration is not greater than 10 times the tolerance limit. Minimum efficiency of 94% and maximum penetration of 6%.
PFF3 / P3: Highly toxic particles (LT < 0.05 mg/m³) and/or of unknown toxicity. If the environment is up to 10 times the tolerance limit of the contaminant. Minimum efficiency of 99.7% and maximum penetration of 0.03%.

• Why and what purpose does the exhalation valve on the respirator serve?
A: The exhalation valve serves to facilitate the withdrawal of hot air from inside the respirator from exhalation. This item is for user comfort mainly when these respirators are used for activities that require great physical effort.
Important: PFF2 (S) or PFF3 (S) respirators, when used in a hospital environment, in NON-surgical procedures and in cases where the contaminant is a pathological agent, must not have an exhalation valve.

• Why are Alliance's new packaging in bigger bags?
A: The single BOPP bags are bigger due to the automation of the machine, and it is also recyclable, thus generating less damage to the environment.

• Masks with more layers represent greater protection?
A mask with four or five layers does not improve efficiency, quite the contrary, it is an obsolete and uncomfortable product, currently there are more modern and more efficient inputs, that is, products with more layers make it difficult to breathe.

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