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treatment policy
of Complaints

The Management of the Alliance organization determines that all complaints/suggestions
received, are immediately registered and the necessary measures are taken,
taking the suggestions as an opportunity to improve its processes and
services seeking to exceed the expectations of its customers, meeting the
various interested parties, especially our customers and INMETRO, with
permanent commitment to Quality, and the organization:

• Always values and effectively handles complaints and/or suggestions
• We are aware of and are committed to complying with and subjecting ourselves to the
penalties provided for in the laws, specifically in Law n. 8,078/1990;
• We critically analyze the results, as well as take the
due measures, depending on the complaints received;
• We define responsibilities regarding the treatment of complaints;
• We undertake to respond to Inmetro any claim in the
period of 15 (fifteen) calendar days;
• We undertake to respond to the complainant regarding the
receipt, treatment and conclusion of the complaint, according to deadlines
established internally.

Santana de Parnaiba, Sao Paulo.

Antonio Carlos Almeida


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